DMB Red Rocks – Night 2

Red Rocks Night #2 is in the books!

Bethany and I had an amazing time up there.  We ended up missing the Tailgating festivities again, but mainly due to us wanting to get a better parking spot, and it paid off in the end.  We got out of there in about 10 minutes – so not bad at all!  We had a pretty short walk, so that was pretty nice as well.

Red Rocks Setlist:
Night 2

Seek Up
One Sweet World
Don’t Drink the Water
Hunger For The Great Light
Rhyme & Reason
Smooth Rider
Jimi Thing
Steady As We Go
Hello Again
Louisiana Bayou
Best of Whats Around
American Baby
Tripping Billies Encore:
Where Are You Going
Two Step

The next biggest highlight was that we managed to sneak the digital camera into the amphitheatre!  No more messing with these disposable flash always-on camera!  It definitely paid off, we got some awesome pictures, some that I’ll post here, the rest are over on my new Shutterfly site.

So to offer a recap of a few things:


  • Amazing setlist! They opened up with "Seek Up", just like they did on their 1995 Red Rocks disc!  It was awesome!
  • They played "Blackbird" – the Beatles song!  It was so pretty!
  • #34 – The first that I’ve ever heard it live
  • They had a guy named Rashawn Ross guest on a few songs.  This guy was HUGE!  He looked like an Offensive Lineman, and it was kind a funny seeing the contrast in size between Rashawn and bassist Stefan Lessard. This guy came out and played trumpet and was AWESOME!  He played this sweet solo during Jimi Thing, where he hit this range of extremely high notes, and he hit them all!  It was amazing!
  • John Butler Trio – These guys rocked!  I’m excited to go see them again!
  • They played Two Step! That’s it, I’ve heard that song and can now go home!


  • The crowd – while they initially got into it more than Friday night’s crowd, I was pretty disappointed with the people around us.  First off, there were all these people that just kept leaving!  And what was crap was a lot of these people weren’t coming back with anything – no food, no beer – nothing!  Then there were some old people next to us burning their hippie-lettuce (like a lot of other people at the concert), then to the right of us was this drunk guy hitting on this mom who brought her daughter to the show – it was annoying and disturbing.  Then in the row above us there were these gals from the South that were so incredibly annoying.  I’m down with the southern accents, but when it comes to southern girls there are two kind of accents: cute, sweet southern belle; and then high-pitched, twangy annoying southern accent.  These girls behind us were the latter.  It was pretty lame
  • The dumb fans at the concert.  Out of the different types of fans, there are two primary types in my mind: the musical-appreciation fans that respect the musical abilities of the band; and he dumb frat-boys that like to go so they can smoke pot.  It felt like we were sitting in the frat section.  When DMB started playing #34, I was excited to hear it, since they play it so rarely. But everyone just started talking loudly through the whole song – it was lame!  Then DMB starts playing "Blackbird", and while you think people would listen to it, everyone gets on their cell phones to call their friends to tell them DMB is playing Blackbird.  Way to go – you spent all this time calling your friends telling them about it, that you missed the actual song.  Argh!

So overall, this was a great show!  I wanted to share a few pictures!  To see the rest, go to my shutterfly site.


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I love how this shot turned out, I didn’t do anything in Photoshop, the crowd naturally came out Black & White



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This was taken at the end of the last song of the encore…