12 on the 12th for May!

I managed to get my 12 pictures taken for the 12th of May.  You can find the (which includes the full-sized pictures) on my Flickr! site.  Check them out below (also, be sure to check out (my girlfriend) Bethany’s 12 on 12th)

I began the day by working at my home-office, on one of my many teleconferences.

Driving to down-town Fort Collins to have lunch with my girlfriend Bethany.

Bethany and I at lunch at Old Chicago’s in Old Town, Fort Collins.

Downtown Fort Collins

I then drove down to Lafayette, Colorado to go see my God-daughter and her family. (Driving on I-25)

This is my God-daughter, Sophia. She is playing with a coffee cup here

Sophie and I at dinner

Sophie and I with Sophie’s Aunt Jess

We fired up my laptop while I was visiting and Sophie saw my desktop background (which is a picture of Sophie and I)

Driving home on I-25

Bethany and I got together for some dessert at Whole Foods (I really didn’t put all of that in my mouth)

And a day wouldn’t be complete without spending some time in Second Life…

That should do it for May!  If you are interested in seeing more 12 on 12th check out the Daily Breakfast Forum.