A really cool “rack” story

One of the coolest things happened to me late last week, resulting in an exciting addition to my drum set. On Saturday nights you’ll find me playing my drums over at church, typically week in and week out. From what I can tell, the parishioners at J23 enjoy the drums, and I’m sometimes humbled by people offering compliments about our choir and specifically my playing. After Mass last weekend, a parishioner approached me and asked me if I would have a use for some "stands"? As I could never pass down an offer for free drum hardware, accepted his generous offer and we agreed to get the stands on Thursday after a meeting with both attended.

Thursday came by and I had almost forgotten about these "stands" This person, a professor at CSU, apparently got a drum set from a student and said that while the drum set was great "These stands are simply too big.". I park my car right up next to his in the parking lot, he opens up the back of his car and pulls out a drum rack!!

For those who aren’t familiar with a rack, it’s a piece of hardware that you station around your drum set. The idea is that you mount all of your drums and cymbals onto the rack, and it’s supposed to stabilize your drums a bit, make things easier to set up and tear down, and equate in less hard-ware that needs to be carried around. I’ve wanted to get a drum rack for some time, but never brought myself to getting one – now I’m happy to be a proud owner of one. I was definitely most grateful for this gift!

So a few days pass, and on Saturday I finally broke down and set up my drum set in my apartment (something I’ve never done). Due to the noise considerations I didn’t really get to play, but it was helpful to see how the rack sets up. It looks really cool on my drum set! It makes it a lot easier to experiment with the configuration, and it simply makes my drum set look cooler!

I dug back and found a picture of my drum set from a few months back without the racks, and wanted to compare it to what the drum set looked like in my apartment on Saturday. Let me know what you think!

Without the rack – not too bad…

With the rack

Also, as I was look through my picture collections I thought I would send pictures of my drum set from a few years back, to show you how they’ve evolved over time:

I wish I had digital pictures from high school, when I only had 2 cymbals – what a difference from now! This is one of the reasons why I love playing drums – I can keep making changes and tweaks to my instrument, and the additions are limitless!