Random thought at 2am

Ok, it’s waaaaay past my bed-time, but I just wanted to post a random thought that just sprung in my head at 2am.

Is there any more worthless word in the English language than "extraordinaire"? I was browsing the page for the Buzz Out Loud PodCast that I listen to, when I saw one of the hosts described as "producer extraordinaire". I just had to laugh. What a useless word to use. Sure the word sounds descriptive, but after hearing/reading it I feel that it’d riddled with conceit and egotism – at least one someone’s part. I challenge anyone to use the word without sounding pompous. If I use it about someone than I sound like I’m sucking up (when was the last time you were called "<something> extraordinarire"), and if I use it to describe myself I’m just an arrogant ass.

First off, you really shouldn’t compliment yourself on your own web site (and when I say "your" I mean CNet – I don’t think the gal wrote about herself), and definitely shouldn’t use that word. I could live with "skilled" or "experienced" but definitely not "extraordinaire". I challenge anyone to find a use for that word that’s not completely meaningless.