12 on the 12th for July!

Well, it’s definitely been a long day, but also pretty uneventful as well.  Here is my day captured in 12 pictures!  As always, you can view these on Flickr as well!

This morning I had an early teleconference (at 7:30am), so I was sleeping right up to the minute I had to join. I didn’t want to get up…

Bright & chipper on my early-morning phone conference. I’ll eventually make it into the office.

I went out to lunch with a few members from my department. This is us walking out of Red Robin – mmm Freckled Lemonade!

I’m ready to go home! This is the view right before I get in my car to leave.

Making the drive home (along Harmony & Lemay in Fort Collins)

I dropped off my movie rentals on the way home…

For dinner we were making salmon! I came home and prepared the herbs & seasonings before my next phone conference (this time a 5:30pm)

Bethany’s over now and we’re finishing our cooking. I’m having too much fun making salad.

After dinner we played some video games. Bethany was beating me pretty badly and I was starting to get frustrated.

I did win a few rounds, but Bethany eventually kicked my butt. This was me before my defeat…

Because it was too dark to bike, I took Bethany home. On the way back my car hit 50,000 miles. This is a horrible picture from my camera phone, but if you look closely you’ll see that my car is at 49,999.9 miles!

I get home and continue to work. Things are really busy right now. I’m trying to figure out a solution to a bug in our application.

Also be sure to check out my friend Matt’s 12 on 12, and my girlfriend Bethany, did a 12 on 12 too!  I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to new month’s 12 on the 12th!