Pandora – A box you really want to open!

Bethany directed me to an awesome music web site – Pandora! I vaguely heard about this a few weeks back, but it wasn’t until I actually visited tonight when I was blown away! This is an amazing web site, especially if you’ve grown tired of your music collection or simply would like a new playlist. You go in and type the name of a band (or a song), and it’ll evaluate the song for specific attributes like "pop rock qualities", "subtle use of vocal harmony", "major key tonality" – as well as many other attributes. Then here’s the cool part: it’ll then go through and find artists/songs that share similar attributes, then basically create a radio station for you to listen to.

I was really blown away by the complexity of this service, but it’s really worked great!

For example, I typed in my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band. Then here’s what I got: "In My Life" by Ron Dibuccio, "I Believe in Ghosts" – John Raiston, "Chocolate" – Snow Patrol, "Mr. Rebound" by Richard Thompson.

I particularly enjoyed it when I typed in Michael Franti & Spearhead: The Roots – "Guns Are Drawn", Kanye West – "Hey Mama", Talib Kweli – "The Beautiful Struggle", Notorious BIG – "Nasty Girl", Nas – "No One Else in The Room".

The only bad part about this site is that it’ll get really addictive and you realize just how much time you spent listening to music. Freakin awesome though 🙂