Bluetooth Headset withdrawals… freakin

Back on January 4, I ranted about the bad experience I had with the Plantronics Discovery 640E Bluetooth Headset that I purchased off  I actually received the item back on January 3rd, and the evening of the 3rd submitted a Return request (RMA).  I promptly printed it out, boxed the item and on Thursday I couldn’t get that in the mail fast enough.  I got a nice tracking number that told me that received the item on January 9th.  However, here I am on the 24th and my status still shows “RMA Issued”, which indicates that the item has not been received or processed.  I sent an email off to last week and was told by one of their agents that RMA’s can take 5-7 business days to process (which at the time I was still within that window).  However, now over a week later I am losing my patience.  I fired off another email to support, so we’ll see where things go.

So why am I ranting? Because I really just miss my Voyager 510, and am going through Bluetooth withdrawals.  Ugh..  Thanks for nothing Plantronics.  Thanks for nothing