Feed Synch Troubles: More like Craigslist hating Newsgator…

Just wanted to follow-up to my original post on my troubles with Newsgator and Craiglist feeds.  Newsgator Support emailed me to let me know that they are aware of this issue, and have been working with Craigslist to get this resolved.  As it turns out, the issue lies with Craigslist blocking traffic from Newsgator’s synchronization servers, forbidding them access to their RSS feeds.  They claim Newsgator was requesting data too often.  Trying to comply, Newsgator Support turned back the threshold to once every 2 days.  With a site like Craigslist, once very two days is kissing goodbye to some potentially good deals.

What a mess!  I understand that Craigslist has their reasons, but I don’t understand why they would want to block and RSS aggregator service from being able to retrieve feeds.  If Craigslist isn’t getting data from Newsgator’s requests, they’re going to get it from my feed reader (and right now three times between my devices) . You would think more people using aggressor services like Google Reader, Bloglines and Newsgator would reduce the number of requests to Craigslist servers.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I just hope a resolution can be found soon.  The thing I enjoy about Newsgator is that it interacts with the FeedDemon clients installed on both my laptop and desktop, as well as has an attractive mobile interface that works with my Treo.