Crazy Weekend

What a weekend!  This weekend has been many things: fun, great, restful – but productive it was not.  I ended up spending a great deal of time in Loveland (where I am house-sitting) and slept in until noon on both days.  I stayed up late both nights, and throughout the course of the weekend I’ve watched 9 episodes of the West Wing.  I’ve been tearing those DVD’s up!

So yeah, I’ve been pretty much lazy – but I also mixed in some (somewhat) productive and fun stuff too.  I played over at church again and had a good time there.  Then after that Bethany and Shannon cooked me dinner (Mmm Mmm good!) and then we all went to the drive-in (another friend Jeremy came as well).  We saw Madagascar and Batman Begins, and yes I realize that Bethany and I have already been to both of those movies in the last week – but it was fun seeing them again.  Madagascar was cute to see again, and after raving about Batman over and over again I was more than happy to see it again!  It was just as great seeing it the second time!

My Sunday was the really lazy day for me.  I’ve killed 6 of the 9 West Wing‘s today, so that tells you how much time I spent in front of the TV (ugh!).  But I did get some quality lawn-mowing in, as well as some good stick-shifting in!  I drove all around Loveland today and didn’t stall out one bit!  Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this!  I’m proud of myself nonetheless.

The other cool thing is I got things all set up with my DC trip.  I decided that I’m going to spend Saturday in the city.  I got a hotel over by Reagan National Airport, am going to look a few friends up that are in the DC area to see if I can join up for some good dinner conversations.  I’m thinking about buying *1* ticket to the Washington National’s game.  Yes, it’s a bit lame to go to a baseball game by myself, but I’m thinking I’ll like the quality "Jeromey" time    Then on Sunday I check out of the hotel, rent a car and go up to Bowie, MD to meet my friend Meghan.  Then we’re going to head down to Bristow, VA for the Dave Matthews Concert!  Yeah buddy!  I figured I’ll stay in Bowie, MD for the night – I booked a hotel out there.  I don’t want to make Meghan ride the DC Subway by herself that late at night, and my flight doesn’t leave until noon on Monday, so I have some time to get out of the hotel, drive back to DC, return the car and all that good stuff.  After mapping the trip out I’m more excited about it!