Celebrating “1 Year” in Glenwood Springs

Greetings from Glenwood Springs!  Bethany and I journeyed here this weekend to celebrate our one year dating anniversary!  It’s amazing how fast time has flown, and we are very happy to be up here at such a beautiful place to celebrate this awesome occasion!

We headed up on Friday after work and made the 217 mile trip to Glenwood Springs.  As Bethany just got done taking vacation time, and I am taking vacation time this week for Orlando, we decided to wait until after we got off work.  Unfortunately we didn’t get out of Fort Collins until 6pm.  However we made good time, and ended up pulling into Glenwood Springs before 10pm (and that included a 20-30 minute meal stop).

Saturday was amazingly fun.  We journeyed up to the Glenwood Springs Caverns and rode a tram way up the mountain towards a big cave.  Once there, we took a tour into the cave and saw some of the most amazing sights!  There were areas on that cave that were huge, and we saw some of the most beautiful rock formations!  Two hi-lights of the tour included the "Exclamation Point", which was a scenic overview of the Glenwood area, then another called "King’s Row" which was an amazing view of rock formations within the cave.  I ended up taking upwards of 70 pictures, and will post them in the coming days.

After our morning spent in the cave, we enjoyed some lunch over at Glenwood Springs Brewing Company, which was located at the beginning of the Glenwood Canyon bike trail.  We hopped on our bikes and made our way down the trail.  Because of some difficulties on Bethany’s bike, we had to cut the ride a little short (only doing 6 miles round-trip), but we still managed to spend some quality time by the river.  During the bike ride is where we got this picture, one of my new favorites of us:

After the bike ride we went back to the hotel for a nap, then enjoyed some dinner at the Riviera Restaurant, then enjoyed some wine and ice cream at the hotel.

We are now in the process of packing up to head home, but we are very happy to have celebrated an awesome milestone in an awesome place!

Check out more "Glenwood" trip pictures at Flickr.