12 on the 12th for June Coming Up – Take Part!

    With the 12th of June approaching, here comes an opportunity to participate in this month’s 12 on the 12th!  On the 12th of each month, participants are invited to bring their digital camera with them throughout the day and take 12 pictures. At the end of the day post the pictures to your blog or a Flickr! account to share with others. The hope is that you’ll give others a glimpse of your typical day through the pictures you take. This will be my third consecutive month participating in this, and I am excited to do so!  When I first started, it was a bit awkward taking your camera with you and taking random pictures.  At the end of the day, I was grateful I did so, and the best part was seeing everyone else’s pictures! 

I would like the invite everyone to take part in this and share your pictures.  Getting a Flickr! account is free, and probably the easiest way to share your pictures.  When you’ve posted your pictures, here are a few places you could share the link:

  • The Daily Breakfast podcast forum
  • A Flickr! group that I set up – I’m trying to figure out how to share photosets rather than individual pictures – but this may work for this month
  • Make a Bulletin posting on MySpace for your friends to see!

Don’t forget – Monday is the 12th! I look forward to seeing everyone’s pictures!