1500 songs scrobbled and counting on Last.fm

I just looked on my Last.FM profile and saw that I eclipsed my 1500th song that was “scrobbled” – or played – from my library.  It’s pretty cool to look back at what my music playing habits, especially on a week-to-week basis.  Last week’s kick was Gym Class Heroes, we’ll see what this week brings.  It’s no surprise that Dave Matthews Band is at the top of my “total tracks played” list. 

It’s pretty easy to knock out music while you’re studying.  I think while I was studying for my test 50-60 songs got scrobbled!  Work is also a good way to pass the scrobbling time.  It’s still a bummer that there isn’t an easy way to get the music off of your iPod/mp3 player. I know there’s that iSproggler, but I’ve had a lot of problems, especially when I share my iPod & Last.fm account across two machines.

Here’s to another 1500!